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30 months

What does BUBBLES intend to do?

BUBBLES is a project targeting the formulation and validation of a concept of separation management for UAS in the U-space.

A cross cutting


Artificial Intelligence


Separation of drones

Concept of Operations (ConOps)

Performance monitoring

Second BUBBLES Workshop
November 25, 09:00h – 13:00h CET.
Bubbles project is a synergic blend of five outstanding partners coming from the academia, the industry and pan-European institutions
contributing to the safe and efficient use of UAS in the European Sky supported by SESAR JU.
This unique combination will maximize the project impact and future market development.
Safety and Efficiency: the BUBBLES pillars
BUBBLES will define U-space services enabling the safe and efficient operation of large numbers of drones without adversely affecting manned aviation.
The development of the technology, procedures and training have led to a very low rate of accidents in manned aviation (below 3 per million departures), as well as those of incidents. The concept of Performance Based CNS, first introduced by the ICAO for PBN in 1998, has significantly contributed to transform aviation in the safest massive transport system while supporting an exponential increment in the number of flights.


Project Manager

Juan Vicente Balbastre – Tejedor

Universitat Politècnica de València