Exploring how dynamic separation minima can be applied in the U-space

U-space aims to enable the operation of drones, initially in the lower airspace. EUROCONTROL’s over-riding interest is that the level of safety built over the years in aviation is maintained and keeps improving even with the introduction of the new actor – drones.

30 Oct 2020

Safety should be assured for the citizen on the ground and safely for other aviators, be they operating manned or unmanned aircraft. Aviation’s approach to safety is multi-layered, including such elements as airspace design, strategic and tactical conflict resolution, collision avoidance, airworthiness, crew competence and so on. The BUBBLES project is unique in European research in exploring the algorithmic basis of tactical separation, exploring how dynamic separation minima can be used to support the expected level of operations while maintaining the level of safety that society expects. EUROCONTROL’s experience in both concept elaboration and validation by simulation as well EUROCONTROL’s as expertise in aviation safety strengthens the BUBBLES project, while participation in BUBBLES is in line with EUROCONTROL’s core interest in furthering safe and expeditious aviation across the single European sky and in all ECAC states.

More information about what Eurocontrol does in relation to UAS at: www.eurocontrol.int/unmanned-aircraft-systems