Opening the city sky to safe operation of drones

07 April 2022

Over 12 drones will fly simultaneously in the airspace above Puçol and El Puig (Spain) on April 11th and 12th 2022 to validate the separation management service proposed by the BUBBLES project in a realistic simulation of U3 scenarios expected in EU cities’ airspace by 2025.


The drones will carry out different missions like: delivery, surveillance, rescue, etc., which will be executed several times with different performance features. In addition, the flight campaign will also include a simulation of elementary operations in a vertiport from which drones will take off and land.

A total of seven drone independent operators will participate in the flight tests: Policía Local de Valencia, Policía Local de Benidorm, Bomberos de Valencia, AsDrón Spain, UAV Works, ASD drones and WUAS-UPV.

The BUBBLES separation management service provides sets of risk-based, operation centric separation minima that pilots must keep between their aircraft so that the risk of a collision can be considered acceptable. In case the separation minima are breached, a warning is sent to the pilots involved in the conflict so that they can manoeuvre to prevent it ends up in a collision.

BUBBLES project

The warning displayed to the pilots includes the severity of the conflict and the distance to the collision point.

BUBBLES project

The service also monitors the quality of the communications and surveillance systems supporting UAS operations and raises warnings when their performance drops below a pre-defined threshold. When this happens, the BUBBLES separation management service automatically computes and distributes to the pilots a new set of separation minima commensurate with the actual communication and surveillance systems’ performance.